Brush - MIDI controlled comb filter VST effect for the PC, that uses two sets of dual-comb filters to create phaser effects, reverb, distortions and many other unique effects.

2 dual-comb filters, with built in filtering and distortion and crossfeedback, which can be arranged in parallel or serial and has built in feedback limiting.

Each comb filter pitch is controllable by a LFO with 16 different waveforms

Midi control of comb filter, so they can be tuned to incoming MIDI notes

Comb filter pitch can be altered by volume of incoming sound

Each dual-comb filter has it's own LFO, multi-mode filter and distortion

Midi automation of controls

BrushSyn is a comb filter VSTI monosynth for the PC, this uses the same architecture as Brushsyn, to create a variety of different sounds, such as plucked strings, basses, pad, drums and a vast range of sound effects

Both include is a full manual and 64 presets

Brush is available for $35/€32/£22