Ethereal is a polyphonic synthesizer which uses advanced additive synthesis, powerful envelopes and built in effects to create intricate pads and moving textures.

- Three oscillators, using 22 stored wavesforms and 6 user-definable ones. The user waveforms are created using additive synthesis with 29 harmonics or from user draw waves. Each oscillators is doubled for added fatness.

- Each oscillator can load in samples, these samples can have there own key split and position envelope

- Each oscillator can be frequency modulated, using any of the waves as modulator or the output of any of the oscillators. Osc 2 & 3 can be synced to Osc 1 as well.

- Each oscillator's output is sent to one of two 12/24db low / high / band-pass / band-reject / comb / ring-mod / formant vowel filters. These two filters can be arranged serially or in parallel. Each filter has built in distortion & keyboard tracking

- The oscillators and filters parameters are controllable using 32 stage envelopes, each stage having variable slopes. Each envelope has user-definable loop / release points for complex patterns.

- LFO control of the pitch , volume , pan & filter frequency, each LFO has it's own envelope for amplitude and frequency so for instance you can use LFO's whose frequency changes over time

- Four built in effects, chorus, reverb, delay and phaser + stereo widen , portamento and keyboard tracking.

- Preset Evolver and virtual keyboard

- Full midi automation with midi learn ability

- 160 presets and a full manual are included,

$37/€29/£20 from PayPal or Shareit