QWah is a 4-band delay filter which can create a vast range of different effects from pattern filtering & wahwah to talkbox & distortions and any number of other effects.

- 4 filters, each can use one of 30 different filters, high / low / bandpass / bandreject, 12 / 24dB Butterworth ,
12 / 24 low / high / band shelf, 12 / 24dB SVF and 24dB Moog filters, comb, allpass, ring mod and formant filters. All the filters can be controlled by incoming midi notes.

- Each filter has built in chorus, delay, compressor / noisegate & 6 different types of distortions.

- The 4 filters can be arranged in 10 different ways with feedback from the output into each filter.

- 6 different speaker simulations

- The filters and effect properties can be controlled by a LFO with 16 waveforms, a 16 step pattern sequencer and an envelope follower, which can be combined together to created complex pattern based effects.

- The LFO and step sequences are all auto-syncable and can be retriggered by the host, by midi-notes or by the income volume being over a set value.

- 64 presets - wahwahs, phasers, talkbox, distortion as well as a full manual

QWah is available for $35/€32/£22