Vocal is a PC VSTi synthesiser which can create range of vocal and choral pad sounds using formant filters

Vocal is available for $46/37Euro/£25 or can be purchased as part of one of our SynthPacks for a discount price on the download page and you can purchase either using either Paypal or ShareIt

A demo versions can be downloaded here , these demos only works for 10 minutes.

Some small demo tunes using only Vocal - Vocal 1 & Vocal 2

Features of Vocal

Two set of triple oscillators are used as formant filter sources. These sources can be be one 9 built-in waves and 2 user definable waves. The pitch of each of the triple oscillator can be detuned to create much fatter sounds . Also a noise source allows you to add breathy type noises

Each triple oscillator is out to it's own formant filter. There are 6 built in formant filters vowel spaces plus 2 user defined formant filter vowel spaces

The output of the formant filter is then passed into a multi mode filter which can use 12/24 low/high/bp & br filters

6 AHDSFR envelopes , 6 LFO's and 6 step sequences which can control all the major parameters, using a simple to use modulation matrix . Plus full midi control of all the controls using midi learning

Chorus, phaser, stereo delay, stereo widener , 2 band equalizer and compressor effects built

64 presets + 4 bank of presets from Richard Lichten ( www.shoresrecords.de ) plus a full manual